Efficient Candidate Evaluation

Match the Right Skills, Instantly

Our AI resume-to-JD matching quickly identifies qualified candidates with precise match percentages and JD gaps.

Effortless Coding Assessment

Use unique codes for coding tests to evaluate candidates quickly and accurately.

Deeper Candidate Insights

Use AI-generated interview questions to focus on certain skills and fully understand each candidate's potential.

Extensive Question Library

Access a huge collection of interview questions from futuremug to make sure you've got a wide range of questions for every type of job.

Simplified Interview Management

As a leading interview services company, we understand the time-consuming challenges of managing interviews.


Effortless scheduling

Our scheduling system operates 24/7, managing both single and bulk interview setups, freeing you from scheduling headaches.


Video interviews

Interview candidates effortlessly anytime, anywhere with our integrated video platform, providing convenience for both parties.


Real-time whiteboarding

Candidates and interviewers can leverage the whiteboard to visually explain complex concepts, brainstorm solutions together, and sketch out ideas in real-time.

Centralized dashboard and reporting

Our interview platform services revolve around unified growth-oriented metrics.

All-in-One dashboard

Find all your important data and metrics in one place, saving you time from searching across multiple platforms!

Make collaborative decisions

Easily collaborate with other interviewers using the Panel Dashboard. Share notes, access candidate info, and make decisions together—all in one spot.

One click reporting

Quickly create detailed reports with AI-powered summaries and transcripts in just one click, saving you time and making sharing easier.

Customization and personalization

Hiring candidates through our interview platform is personal.


Simplified team participation

Drop a link on the dashboard for team members to easily join and watch ongoing interviews.

Personalized Interview Panels

Personalized interview panels

Set up custom interview panels easily on the dashboard for each position.


Powerful candidate management

Get all the data you need to make informed hiring choices. Our ATS provides powerful analytics to help you identify top talent and reduce bad hires.

Here’s Why We Are The Best Interview Platform For
Hiring Candidates.

Side-by-Side View

Side-by-Side View

Spot skill and experience gaps immediately, so you can zero in on the top candidates effortlessly.

AI-Powered Interview Guide

AI-powered interview guide

Click "AI Questions" for instant access to technology-related questions and real-time interview assistance.

Question Bank Flexibility

Flexible question bank

Enhance AI suggestions with ready-made question banks for a thorough assessment strategy.

Reduced Prep Time

Reduced prep time

AI offers insights as you converse, suggesting relevant questions. This keeps the conversation flowing naturally, revealing the true person behind the resume.

Centralized Hub

Centralized hub

Manage interviews effortlessly from one dashboard. Share reports, collaborate with teams, and make informed hiring decisions with ease.

Real-time Coding IDE

Real-time coding IDE

No more juggling external tools. Candidates can Write, compile, and debug - all within our streamlined interface.

Here’s a step-by-step hiring process with
futuremug’s Interview platform.

Step 1

Upload the job description

  • Create a job profile with the required skills and instructions.
  • Bulk upload resumes or attach futuremug links for candidates to apply directly.
  • Our ATS detects candidate match percentage to the job profile.
Job Description
Step 2

Conduct AI interview

  • Select an in-house/ futuremug interviewer and schedule.
  • futuremug interviews are scheduled within 24 hours.
  • Conduct interviews with real-time integrated IDE, AI-generated questions, and connect via WhatsApp/SMS for feedback
AI Interview
Step 3

Download results

  • Access AI-based performance report and panel verdict within 24 hours
  • Share reports via link and utilize a comprehensive dashboard for analysis
Download Results

Ensure data-driven hiring with attention to every detail.

  • Candidate details
  • Behaviour/ Technical skillset
  • AI interview Summary
  • Coding skills breakdown
  • Questions with responses
  • Screenshots
  • AI transcript

Here’s a step-by-step hiring process with
futuremug’s Interview platform

step-by-step hiring

Get a glimpse of our automated
interview platform.

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Here's why our clients keep hiring with us

Quest Global has been associated with futuremug for the past two years for Campus and Off Campus Hiring. Initially the team supported us with first level interviews and last year we leveraged their online assessment platform. It has been a successful association so far due to their flexibility, professional attitude, round the clock support and on time delivery. futuremug has been able to scale up to our expectation, at a time when we were unsure to outsource. They have also been very open to feedback and have worked on any improvement suggestions provided during the process to ensure the quality is maintained.We hope the same momentum continues and even better in the coming years. Looking forward for a fruitful and successful collaboration with futuremug.

Liju Gopalakrishnan

Quest Global (University Relations Specialist)

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SunTec has been working with futuremug, a talent management firm, for the past one year for our human resource requirements across India. They support us through the hiring process from campaign activities, MCQ and proctored coding assessments along with all the operational activities with great professionalism. This saves us a lot of time and effort

Prakash P Nair

SunTec Business Solutions(Vice President & Global Head - HR and KMTD)

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Thank you, futuremug team, for your excellent job in conducting assessments and interviews for our applicants. Your thorough and professional approach was crucial in building our Application Development team from scratch. The user-friendly platform made the process seamless. We look forward to a successful partnership ahead.

Unnikrishnan Anilkumar

Malayala Manorama (Human Resources)

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Its user-friendly interface and features have made the process of reviewing talent seamless and efficient. Interview process has been one less worry for us since we signed up. They also have an incredible team behind to support and guide us at all times. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and benefit from the service you provide.


Sabari (Human Resourse)

Watch video arrow-right-icon

The platform has exceeded our expectations in every way, leading to significant improvements in efficiency, candidate experience, and hiring outcomes. We are truly grateful for your excellent product and service, and we look forward to a continued successful partnership in the years to come.


Merit (Team Lead - Human Resource )

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