Here’s how we do it for you Step-By-Step.

Step 1

Struggling to compete with big brands?

Our white-labelled platform allows you to customize content that reflects your company's unique culture and career opportunities.

  • Attract the best candidates by highlighting what makes your company special - your fast-paced environment, growth potential, or close-knit team.
Step 2

Limited budget for job boards?

Post your job openings across 100+ job boards to reach a massive pool of qualified candidates.

  • We work with you to develop a strategic job board distribution plan that maximizes your reach within your budget.
Step 3

Need to assess specific skills or cultural fit?

Design custom assessments with our bank of over 20,000 proven questions.

  • Also, let our team handle assessments for you, freeing up your HR team to focus on other priorities.Read More
Step 4

Feeling like traditional interviews are a black box?

Conduct smarter video interviews with AI. You also get real-time IDE for live coding assessments.

  • Our interview platform for mid-sized companies utilizes AI-generated questions, automated transcripts, auditing, and AI scorecards to identify candidates who align with your company's DNA.View Sample AI Report
Step 5

Don't have the bandwidth to conduct in-house interviews?

Opt for our interview outsourcing services tailored for mid-size companies.

  • Our team of 3k+ seasoned interviewers can handle initial screenings, freeing up your time for final-round discussions.Read more
Step 6

Limited HR team and feeling drowned in first-level interviews?

Our global network of 3K+ experienced interviewers is available around the clock to conduct initial screenings.

  • Our interviewers draw on over 10,000 hours of real-world experience to conduct insightful screenings round the clock.Read More

But, if you want to delegate steps 1–6 to us, We can help you fill vacancies with ZERO effort!

Let us handle the end-to-end hiring process, from crafting your employer brand to onboarding your ideal candidate. We'll take care of everything from job posting, candidate screening, interviewing, and more — so you can get back to what matters most.

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Only pay for the candidates you select. Our transparent model eliminates upfront costs and ensures you get the most out of your recruitment investment.

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Case Studies

Updated case studies and insights into the ways futuremug is making work faster, easier, and more human with advanced AI.


How Innovature depended on technology to overcome ...

The futuremug is a NextGen talent platform that helps to make the best candidate-job fit by using scientific predictions and cutting edge technology

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futuremug v/s Other Major Assessment Tools

Comparison study of futuremug with Mettl, Hackerrank, Testdome, Vervoe, Interviewmocha and CoderPad. Based on the comparison.

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How futuremug trustfully initiated the Campus hiring f...

futuremug is the best reach out to enhance your company growth by conquering the collaboration of the right candidates with aid of campus hiring.

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Here's why our clients keep hiring with us

Quest Global has been associated with futuremug for the past two years for Campus and Off Campus Hiring. Initially the team supported us with first level interviews and last year we leveraged their online assessment platform. It has been a successful association so far due to their flexibility, professional attitude, round the clock support and on time delivery. futuremug has been able to scale up to our expectation, at a time when we were unsure to outsource. They have also been very open to feedback and have worked on any improvement suggestions provided during the process to ensure the quality is maintained.We hope the same momentum continues and even better in the coming years. Looking forward for a fruitful and successful collaboration with futuremug.

Liju Gopalakrishnan

Quest Global (University Relations Specialist)

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SunTec has been working with futuremug, a talent management firm, for the past one year for our human resource requirements across India. They support us through the hiring process from campaign activities, MCQ and proctored coding assessments along with all the operational activities with great professionalism. This saves us a lot of time and effort

Prakash P Nair

SunTec Business Solutions(Vice President & Global Head - HR and KMTD)

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Thank you, futuremug team, for your excellent job in conducting assessments and interviews for our applicants. Your thorough and professional approach was crucial in building our Application Development team from scratch. The user-friendly platform made the process seamless. We look forward to a successful partnership ahead.

Unnikrishnan Anilkumar

Malayala Manorama (Human Resources)

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Its user-friendly interface and features have made the process of reviewing talent seamless and efficient. Interview process has been one less worry for us since we signed up. They also have an incredible team behind to support and guide us at all times. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and benefit from the service you provide.


Sabari (Human Resourse)

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The platform has exceeded our expectations in every way, leading to significant improvements in efficiency, candidate experience, and hiring outcomes. We are truly grateful for your excellent product and service, and we look forward to a continued successful partnership in the years to come.


Merit (Team Lead - Human Resource )

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