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About futuremug

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The futuremug is a unique venture and a brainchild of a bunch of industry veterans that took to life with a mission and vision to empower the unprivileged through technology. This is our first innovative product that experientially take you 'lightyears ahead' when compared to the current industry process of connecting talent with talent seeker. What makes futuremug unique and realistic is the fact that it is created based on the deep understanding and valuable experience of its core team, who over the years always wished to have something like this to address the challenges they faced again and again during their times in industry.

The futuremug, through its own unique scoring model, will provide equal opportunity to each and every candidate and institute, regardless of the tier and level. All it matters is having the right talent, the rest is taken care of.

Our system provides a comprehensive solution for talents as well as talent seekers, institutes and business houses. It will bring down the pain of talent hunt for all those involved. The way we use video transcripting as a means to present talent lets this platform to serve a much broader audience in multiple verticals such as media, information technology, etc. Campus recruitments would be a whole different experience using this platform.

What is missing in most of the job seeking avenues currently is to provide meaningful insights and guidance for the candidates. We are addressing it through our mentorship process. A large pool of resourceful and expert mentors are part of our team to identify the shortcomings and take you to the next level closer to that dream job.

The journey has just begun, we have lots of exciting plans to incorporate as we move forward with all your blessings and cooperation. Use of artificial intelligence/machine learning in talent assessment, industry specific talent hunts, packaged services for business, API level industry integration etc and the list goes on.

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Fully customizable

We provide you the freedom to decide and customize what information of yours should be shown to other users.

Qualified Employees

A teamwork of expertise hands with extensive industrial knowledge, forms the very backbone of futuremug.

24/7 Quick Support

We are at the door 24/7 at your service! Be it email/ whatsapp/ phone call. Check out the customer care.

Modern Technology

The futuremug uses state of the art technology and security measures for user's data safety and protection.

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