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Ethics at the workplace has a significant role in the success or failure of any organization. An ethical workforce contributes to the creation of a clean culture which is the bedrock of successful organizations. Advancement in technology and digital push has added new dimensions in how frauds are being indulged more frequently by the insiders and outsiders.

Unethical business conduct has assumed unacceptable proportions in India, and many organizations, especially start-ups and freshly funded companies, are collapsing due to employees' unethical behavior. Employees, intentionally or inadvertently, either aid or facilitate data leakage, data theft, financial frauds, conflict of interests, gender insensitivities, inappropriate media footprint, and other misconducts.

The Government of India is highly concerned about this issue, especially on the reputation impact of Indian students and employees globally. Ethical behavior is one of the highly sought characteristics by the employer/industry. The Ministry of Education, AICTE, Under NEAT 2.0 has recognized and recommended that all students (from first year onwards) must be trained and certified in Professional Ethics at Workplace (CPEW).

Accordingly, we recommend our candidates to undergo the Training and Certification in Professional Ethics at Workplace (CPEW) program. We recommend you to take the certification and mention the CPEW ID Number in your CVs and futuremug social wall to enhance your placement opportunities and rapid growth in your professional careers.

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