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With futuremug you can create a brand for yourself by showing the world what you are capable of. futuremug provides a revolutionary platform for you with all the tools necessary for branding your institute.


Branding Pays

Personal Branding

We provide the best and most solid solution for your institute's personal branding.

Students will brand you

Showcase your student’s videos in the futuremug portal.

The world is waiting...

The quality will attract a crowd to your profile.

It’s all about innovating your brand

Creating your Mug Video is simple and free. Once you sign up for a futuremug account, you can log in your and click on "Record Mug Video" button on the left side of your screen and follow the instructions given.
No, we don’t charge you to create your video resume, but some of our services are for our paid users.
The futuremug will not share any data of the jobseeker outside the futuremug portal without the consent of the respective jobseeker in writing.

Why are the top companies NOT coming to YOU ?

The futuremug figured it out! We provide a level playing field for jobseekers, so that everybody can showcase their best output.

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Integration of branding

With futuremug branding your institution is made simple. All you will have to do is to display to the world what your talented youngsters are up to.

  • Register to become a member.
  • Complete your Institute profile.
  • Invite students to follow your Institute.
  • Showcase your student’s videos to recruiters.
  • Share your Institute URL to the potential market.
Let’s build something great

The futuremug facilitates a whole new experience for recruiters and candidates with our video-based recruitment portal.

  • We provide mentoring services.
  • Select mentors from a list of industry experts.
  • Helps with networking in a better way.
  • We cater to the needs of all industries.
  • Helps to connect with Alumni.i
Making you the preferred choice

The futuremug can provide the much-needed branding that will make you the favorite of A-list recruiters.

  • The futuremug gives you more visibility.
  • The futuremug association will attract more students.
  • Companies rely on mug score to handpick students.
  • Enhanced reach available through social media.
  • Improves networking.

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