Campus hiring for SunTec

How we value our customers during campus placements?

When we start conversation with clients for campus placements they had lots of doubts about how we conduct the assessments, connect and treat candidates, resolve their doubts, procedures, fix time period to complete, etc. We provide a solution for client that by considering each and every candidate is valuable one and we provide better service and platform for them. The whole procedure starts from this consideration. We mentor and motivate candidates for their interviews by friendly touch and we build the same sense of authenticity and transparency as we would in our communications with client companies. This makes as unique from others.

Values for companies:

• Before starting the activities futuremug team prepare a plan based on the client expectations and conduct a sample hiring.

• Then we provide customized assessment test and one way video interview questions options our platform for client companies. Also we setup questions for them based on their criteria.

• We have a dedicated team to coordinating with top college’s placement officers and conducting the events smoothly. Also have a professional technical interview panel for taking interviews.

• Futuremug team help client by scheduling and coordinating the HR rounds for them.

Also provide score cards and interview result of all candidates who passed shared along with futuremug portfolio.

Values for candidates:

• Prior to the event a detail mail was sent to the each candidate’s giving the step by step instructions on how to create their portfolio, attend the test, their test slot and test link.

• We reschedule the test if they face any technical glitch or emergency.

• We provide full time support and mentoring for each candidate.

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