Changing Bulk Hiring Success Rates

How top MNC in Technopark recruited candidates with a 95% success rate 

In the fall of 2019, when the entire world was grappling with the COVID19 pandemic, most of us scoffed at anyone predicting the next few months would have a record-breaking unemployment rate. 

Yet, here we are, unfolding a successful journey. Another milestone that burst the start-up bubble in India amid uncertainties. The futuremug changed the innovative pace by rewriting the success stories of recruitment operations. 

Skeptics and the risk-averse might say this is not the right moment to evolve. When bulk-hiring is still a distant dream, we rise from the ashes with a dramatic uptick in the deployment of digital technologies. Besides, we saw how searches for the term ‘contactless’ skyrocketed within these few months. However, it has also accelerated the adoption of hiring automation. 

Sneha S., the CEO of the futuremug, tripped back to this memory lane and posited, “when we started our journey in 2020, we doubted it might be the wrong time due to the Covid situation. But it proved to be the perfect time when almost all processes related to recruitment became virtual. Now, within one year, we are working with several MNCs across India.

Adhering to this, we have integrated a fresher hiring and assessment system that could stabilize this chronic disruption by finding potential talents. We have also nurtured an equivalent yet efficient digital transformation of the recruitment process.

 The result of this initiative was incredible. It showcased a 95% success rate that stretched the expectation belt to new levels.

Client Spotlight

As you might know, the challenge of bulk-hiring can be daunting regardless of the size of a company. Nevertheless, with an agile sprint wise recruitment process, we have made the client goals and our values concur with each other. The client (a top MNC stationed at Technopark), Trivandrum aims to build an extensive talent pool from which they can choose the right candidate for the niche. Through resilient assessment and interview services, we have been releasing 25 candidates every 2 weeks. The process commenced 4 weeks ago and is still continuing competently.

Working with an efficient hiring team in the futuremug aided the client with a robust and rigorous recruitment process. By employing the experience and expertise of our skilled professionals, we provided a hassle-free, hasten hiring process. Further, with advanced automation facilities, the assessment and fresher hiring looked like a seamless task. The goal was to increase the campus hiring capabilities and create a talent pipeline that could make bulk-hiring a reality.

Take a look at the complex, ambitious process

1.     Microsite – The futuremug Platform – futuremug branded hiring process through the microsite among 150+ associated colleges working close with futuremug. Also we’ve done PAN India social media campaigns to bring all the potential candidates into the platform.

2.           Profile verification – To meet the client goals and to bring measurable results, the candidate profiles are verified and analysed using advanced hiring software. Company standardization criterions are strictly followed for customization purposes.

3.     Assessment collab – To make real-time decisions and boost the competitive edge, the client needed a tailored assessment system depending upon the roles. To achieve this goal, we have collaborated with the company technical team to build a dynamic assessment routine that goes well with the demands of the role.

4.      Shortlisting – Efficiency and transparency was constantly maintained through end-to-end automation. We deployed the best-in-class, hybrid assessment software that transformed traditional complex procedures into a seamless experience. In addition, the futuremug helped the client ramp up its shortlisting capabilities with great flexibility, featuring a high degree of end-to-end process automation.

5.     One way video interview – To simplify the hiring process, we have integrated one-way video interview solutions that could optimise the hiring experience. This modernised hiring process enriched the hiring capabilities and brought real expertise to qualified candidates. Thanks to the dynamic platform of the  futuremug, one-way video interviews allowed the client to identify the talented potential.

6.     Executing technical interviews – The need to effectively and meaningfully connect with the right candidates through our digital channels has never been greater.

By combining the expertise of client professionals, the futuremug has accumulated vast experience in the technical aspects that were melded into corresponding responsibilities. Based on the expectation and the demands of the role, candidates were shortlisted and selected.


As of now, candidates with high calibre have been chosen and the recruitment is still in process. The selected few are handed over to the company for the final HR discussion. The process can be simply dubbed as an epic victory of the collaboration between the futuremug team and the client employees. The success rate proved to be exceptionally effective with a 95% success rate.

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