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futuremug is an IT startup tech company in Kerala which uses an AI based recruitment platform services to deliver a data driven hiring experience based on trusted science and proven technology with a 100+ employer base and 1lac+ candidate base. futuremug was launched in 2017 and started their operation in 2020 at the time when the world was battling the pandemic more than that when economy and hiring was disrupted by the deadly virus, however because of the role of AI and automation futuremug was competent to deliver new business models in the current pandemic era and create a revolutionary transformation in the recruitment industry by adopting new age technology aided recruitment tools to craft a talent strategy that develops employees’ critical digital and cognitive capabilities to help them connect with the talent seekers.

In a Time where conducting a bulk hiring is a tedious process, futuremug got it all covered for the recruiters from sourcing the candidates to evaluating and recruiting the right talents for their organization. futuremug has collaborated with 100+ companies like Wipro, Suntec, Innovature Labs, Quest Global etc. by giving data based and analysis driven inputs that made hiring a painless task. From pre-employment aptitude, cognitive, domain and psychometric assessments to virtual interviews to data driven campus hiring intelligence to competency frameworks and accompanied job-role mapping futuremug has it all under one roof. futuremug’s collaboration with Wipro resulted in 6000 hires with 95% of accuracy. They have a dedicated team of interview panels for conducting the HR interview. It turns to the pathway for both employer and employee

futuremug has collaborated with 100+ companies like Wipro, Suntec, Innovature Labs, Quest Global etc. by giving data based and analysis driven inputs that made hiring a painless task.

They provide 200+ technology assessments with 2500+ freelance interview panels to get the job done at ease. The total number of candidates proctored each month stood at more than 25000+. With ‘Work from Home’, becoming the new standard, hiring has moved beyond the geographical limits. More than 100+Verified Profiles each day happen in the futuremug’s platform which makes it easier for the employers to recruit the right talent with no physical or metaphorical boundaries like before. With the reformation of the entire recruitment process futuremug’s Candidate Application Tracking System (ATS) has become a boon for the employers. The use of ATS has helped the recruiters to drastically reduce the time required in sourcing talent.

 The reason why futuremug stands out from other recruiting companies is because they provide automated solutions where technology meets innovation. Moreover, they provide their platform as a service whereas other companies provide their platform as a product. Most of the companies are not more into technology thereby lacking elasticity and efficiency in delivering employee productivity and customer satisfaction. futuremug has designed an agile based release resourcing pipeline that lays a foundation for a better course of action to prioritize recruiting projects and a more effective talent acquisition process for MNCs which resulted more than 150 people hire in 6 weeks makes futuremug excel from the crowd.

The sole purpose of the company is to make hiring easier for both employee and employers. futuremug is an ecosystem which believes in empowering the unprivileged through technology. futuremug has recently started a new venture on Abroad education keeping their services to no limit. Candidates can apply through any university in the world through futuremug portal with a complete profile analysis. Even though it’s a startup company, the vision and the goal is to deliver a service to cater and contribute for the well-being of others that touches the life of more than 10 million people in a year.

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