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Software Tester


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Posted: 20 - May - 2022

Job Description

Role Proficiency:

Ensuring adherence to test practices and process to improve test coverage


  1.      Create Test Estimates and Schedules
  2.      Identify business processes conduct risk analysis and ensure test coverage
  3.      Ensure adherence of processes and standards
  4.      Produce test results defect reports test logs and reports for evidence of testing
  5.      Publish RCA reports and preventive measures
  6.      Report progress of testing
  7.      Contribute for Revenue savings for client by suggesting alternate method
  8. Quality of Deliverables

Skill Examples:

    1.      Ability to create and manage a test plan
    2.      Ability to prepare schedules based on estimates
    3.      Ability to track and report progress
    4.      Ability to identify test scenarios and prepare RTM
    5.      Ability to analyse requirement/user stories and prioritize testing
    6.      Ability to carry out RCA
    7. Ability to capture and report metrics
    8. Knowledge Examples

      1.      Knowledge of Estimation techniques
      2.      Knowledge of Testing standards
      3.      Knowledge of identifying the scope of testing
      4.      Knowledge of RCA Techniques
      5.      Knowledge of Test design techniques
      6. Knowledge of Test methodologies

Company Information

Not Disclosed by the Recruiter

Not Disclosed by the Recruiter