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Product Manager II

Product Manager II


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Posted: 20 - May - 2022

Job Description
Product Manager II

Role Proficiency:

Develops and drives the Platform Vision that addresses cross-domain market needs with strong business viability in line with the Product/Platform Portfolio and guidance from Managers. As an active team contributor leads multiple product teams in delivering the desired platform outcomes from initial inception to implementation and support. A strong evangelist of Product & Platforms Division’s Vision and Philosophy.


  1.       Owns the Value and Viability Risks and Manages the Product and Platform Lifecycle under guidance from Principal Product Manager I & II
  2.       Devises the product vision and approach; after sound product discovery utilizing modern product discovery practises
  3.       Defines and drives efficient scalable and feasible product development approach in collaboration with Product Technology Data Science and Product Design for early feasibility risk and end-user validations
  4.       Develops the core positioning messaging and value propositions for the product by identifying target market requirements through modern product management practices including Discovery Sprints Rapid Prototyping etc
  5.       Defines the Product Value Roadmap for the different Phases and Stages
  6.       Drafts user stories and ensures they are clearly understood by the cross functional product teams
  7.       Drives the product GTM strategies in agreement with the Principal Product Manager I and II
  8.       Implements the Pricing Strategy for sound product adoption and viability
  9.       Models/displays strong product value and viability for investment approvals at critical go/no-go junctures
  10.   Tracks/Drives Product Metrics and Success goals as under the guidance of Principal Product Manager I and II
  11.   Adherence to modern product management practises and standards; provide periodic status updates
  12.   Ensure career progression for APMs via focused mentoring and grooming
  13.   Perform product demos to customers
  14.   Sets the direction for sustained product innovation and high-end user satisfaction scores
  15.   Manages the relationship with Idea Partners Panel of Experts; Co-creating enterprise-clients

Soft Skills

  • Critical Thinking And Analytical Skills. This is a must-have for any PM. ...
  • Leadership And The Ability To Take Initiative. As with any management position, leadership skills are important for supporting and motivating your team. ...
  • Flexibility. ...
  • Problem-Solving. ...
  • Time Management. ...
  • Communication Skills.

Company Information

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Not Disclosed by the Recruiter