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Business Analysis

Business Analysis


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Posted: 20 - May - 2022

Job Description


Role Proficiency:

Analyse the business needs of a client or project under some supervision. Ability to perform key Business Analysis activities under supervision


  1. Carry out Business Analysis tasks with support from Senior BAs/Senior stakeholders in the team
  2. Define business needs with support of others
  3. Understand some but not all of the factors that influence/determine the need for change.
  4. Assist Leads to create software requirements artefacts and deliverables
  5. Plan stakeholder meetings when an issue arises and on an as-needed basis
  6. Plan traceability and requirements reuse approaches based on what has been developed by others
  7. Identify and develop performance improvement plans for simple challenges with guidance
  8. prepare for simple elicitation activities; relies on support from others in more complex situations and elicit information relevant to the change
  9. Capture the outcomes of the elicitation activity
  10.   Validate information with stakeholders with guidance from others
  11.   provide relevant information to stakeholders in a timely manner
  12.   manage stakeholder collaboration in simple situations and rely on support from others in more involved situations
  13.   Maintain requirements throughout the change
  14.   prioritize requirements/designs according to established practices
  15.   Evaluate the impact of proposed changes to requirements/designs
  16.   Obtain approval of requirements and designs
  17.   Follow effective requirements practices such as change control process defined by BAs
  18.   Assist in interpreting evaluating and interrelating research data
  19.   participate in activities to define the necessary conditions to meet the business need with clear direction from seniors
  20.   Perform tasks required to develop and assess alternate approaches to change with assistance

Skill Examples:

  1. Good analytical organizational and problem-solving skills
  2. Good oral/written communication skills
  3. Must be a self-starter and a quick learner
  4. Ability to speak the language of the customer/Think customer with some assistance
  5. Should be result oriented and be able to work with some guidance
  6. Behavioural and interaction skills – learn to use the right mix of competencies to gain and master this skill
  7. Business Acumen – Ability to quickly learn the area of business under focus
  8. Tools and Technology – Have a knowledge software application and tools to assist with communication and collaboration creation and maintenance of requirement artefacts prototypes and tools for simulation modelling and diagramming. Be able to quickly learn and use new tools as appropriate for the engagement
  9. Business Analysis techniques – Be familiar with the commonly used techniques by BA to carry out various BA tasks. Take the assistance of a senior BA to identify and apply the right technique(s) on a daily basis. BA techniques as recommended and used by various BA s include:a. Brainstormingb. Business Casesc. Document Analysisd. Business Rules Analysise. Prototypingf. Data Miningg. Estimationh. Financial Analysisi. Functional decompositionj. Interviewsk. Item Trackingl. Lessons Learnedm. Process Analysis and Modellingn. Reviewso. Root Cause Analysisp. Risk Analysis and Managementq. Survey/Questionnairer. Workshopss. Mind mappingt. Scope Modellingu. Stakeholder mapsv. Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)w. Benchmarking & Market Analysisx. Interface Analysisy. Data flow diagramsz. Use casesaa. User Storiesbb. Backlog Managementcc. Estimationdd. Prioritizationee. Acceptance and Evaluation criteriaff. Business Model Canvasgg. Concept Modellinghh. SWOT Analysisii. Organizational Modellingjj. Vendor Assessment
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