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Reliable Assessments

Mug scores become the metrics for corporations to evaluate your capabilities. Gravitate to futuremug to get personalized results about your aptitude and technical knowledge through technology-steered assessment criteria.

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Wise Mentoring

We guide you with tangible and intangible outputs to outshine virtual campus interviews.

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Study Abroad

We offer very comprehensive and logical support to your study abroad dreams.

Discover Your Desirable Jobs

The futuremug is a springboard of student job registrations that tracks down the big sharks of the market. We open pathways for you to allocate the prominent online job placements in Kerala.

4th Stop
Get shortlisted And Start A Career

Exhibit your technical mastery and proficiency by scoring in our 200+ technological assessments. These assessments are customized according to the company requirement demands.

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Start a Career

We empower you to make that better version of yourself. This is a holistic platform to get your career queries answered. We provide personalized competitive insights to develop your focus arenas accordingly. Our Mug Score evaluate your skills and capabilities proficiently.

New Beginnings are created with futuremug!

Build top-notch digital resumes and cover letters that reflect your unique personality. Create constructive and unique portfolios that highlight your specifications.

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