What Steps Should Be Taken to Get a Perfect Resume


In your professional life, your CV is the most significant piece of documentation. Many people, however, may find this document daunting. Maybe you’re not sure how to put all of your information on a single page and how to format and compose your CV or which format to use.

Whatever your concern is, we create video resume platforms in Kerala to help you in creating the perfect resume from the ground up. 

What Is the Best Way to Write a Resume?

Follow these instructions to create a complete and, should we say, attractive resume.

Choose Your Format:

Before you begin writing the content, you must decide how you want the overall resume to look.

For this step, the best video resume platform in Kerala can be useful, we will take all of your basic information and organize it for you. You can also use a pre-made outline, such as one of Google Docs’ free templates.

In general, you’ll probably cover and/or include sections on the following topics:

  • Your work history
  • Your non-work experience, including professional qualifications
  • organizations, involvement in the community, or side projects
  • Your credentials and education
  • Your abilities (particularly hard skills) and interests

Keep Your Resume short and to the point :

The first rule of resume writing is to keep it brief and to the point. Unless you have a compelling reason for it to be longer, such as a prolonged career or a lot of highly applicable job experience, the conventional rule is that it should be no more than one page.

To keep your resume concise, include only recent, relevant experience. While your one-year first job may have taught you a lot about the industry, it isn’t always necessary to include every detail from your entire career history. Most experts advise only including jobs from the last 10 or 15 years, though this time frame may be shorter if you are new to the workforce. Your resume should be focused, concise, and clear with relevant qualifications

Match Your Qualification to the Position you are applying for:

A good resume emphasizes your most appealing skills and qualifications to the hiring manager. It isn’t an exhaustive work history or professional biography. With the future mug’s best hiring solution platform in Kerala, we will help you to analyze the job posting to determine what to include and what to leave out. Pay close attention to how the employer describes the necessary skills, experience, and responsibilities for the position.

Include the Right Keywords:

Keywords from job descriptions should be included in your resume. You will increase your chances of being selected for an interview if your resume matches open positions.

Include keywords in your cover letter as well, as that correspondence will be screened as well. Keywords evolve with the times, so stay current in your industry.

Highlight your prominent skills:

Keep in mind that employers hire employees to solve a problem for them. Which of your skills will assist you in increasing their profits, reducing their losses, and improving their products and services? Put those skills on your resume, and your candidate profile will rise to the top of their interview list.

Improvise Job Descriptions:

Job descriptions provide you with the opportunity to appeal to both screening software and readers. Include keywords from the job description, but otherwise concentrate on telling a story that will appeal to hiring managers. What did you accomplish in this job, and how did it qualify you for your next position? Even with our future mug best hiring Platform as a service in Kerala, we help you to understand what should you include and how to work on interviews. 

Use Relevant Words to Stand Out:

Unappealing descriptions of your job responsibilities and achievements will not benefit you. Futuremug suggests describing your duties and initiatives with strong action phrases such as “achieved,” “designed,” “enhanced,” and “established.” This will make you appear assured while communicating critical information. However, when using action verbs, use caution; add specifics about how you enhanced a process or attained a goal.

Draw Attention to Significant Accomplishments

Instead of listing your job duties in the experience section, choose your top three or four most significant accomplishments in each role you’ve held. Include numbers that measure your success for that specific goal or achievement where possible. Consider including a separate achievements or skills section to highlight specific accomplishments in your education, career, volunteer work, or other experiences.

Final thought:

  • A good resume should include keywords that are appealing to applicant tracking systems as well as stories that are appealing to human hiring teams.
  • A functional or combination resume format may be most appropriate if you want to emphasize your skills over your experience.
  • Apply for a job following the employer’s instructions; include a cover letter if requested, and use the format requested for your resume.

If you have any queries related to job searching, resume writing, salary negotiations, and other career planning topics furturemug is here to help you. Call us for more details. 

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