Want More Interviews and Better Job Matches in India? 8 Key Tips!

The future of the workforce is changing. Different technologies are changing the way people find jobs. From advancements in job platforms and artificial intelligence to evolving interview processes and remote work, there’s something here for every job seeker. If you’re on the job market for a new job, getting one interview is already an achievement. But getting that dream job can be a difficult process, and the process can sometimes feel even more difficult when you’re not sure where to start.  However, there are a lot of ways you can make it easier on yourself!

Stop leaving resumes to chance and follow these 8 key tips to get more interviews and better job matches.

1. Get started with your resume

Your resume is the primary connection between you and your hiring company. To create that first best impression and to get noticed by the hiring managers easily, your resume should highlight the right skills & strengths. Maximize the use of keywords related to your job profile as nowadays most companies use ATS (Applicant tracking system) in their hiring process. It’s always recommended to get your resume reviewed by a professional recruitment service platform.

2. Reach out to people; Expand your network

Networking helps you be visible to employers and to people who might recommend you to employers. Also if you connect with successful and experienced people through networking, you can get their guidance and mentorship which boosts your professional growth. You can widen your career network through professional networking events, connecting with your peers, colleagues, seniors, and faculty, attending a job fair, and online career networking sites.

3. Make your profiles up-to-date on job boards

In this rapidly changing digital world, how you portray yourself online is extremely important. Many recruiters nowadays go through candidates’ profiles on job portals as well as career networking sites like LinkedIn before they hire. So having a complete, up-to-date, and relevant profile is very important. Along with the job portals, candidates should also have an eye on their social media profiles as some companies search for their next hires through them.

4. Do proper research

Doing thorough research on the organization, the industry, and the job, before you head to an interview is very essential. This not only helps you to better perform in the interview but also, you will get to know the credibility, financial stability and how employee-friendly that company is.

5. Prepare for the day

Many interviewers still ask some common typical questions in the interview like; introduce yourself, your strength and weakness, why should we consider you for this position, etc. preparing answers to such common questions will be highly beneficial. By doing so you can quickly convey who you are and what impact you can create in the organization. Also never answer a simple yes or no to the questions. Try to elaborate your answers by quoting your past work experiences and if you don’t have one make up one.  Interview Assessment services are getting quite popular nowadays, especially in Kerala, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. It is the best option if you need help with preparing for an interview professionally.

6. Dress appropriately

If you want to crack that interview and land your dream job you should dress properly and wisely on the interview day. Clothing plays a huge role in the interview process. It’s not just about what you present, how you look is also equally important. A candidate should pay heed to the job position to which he is applying before he chooses the attire. In addition to this, the candidate should always keep a pleasant face throughout the interview and be confident in what they speak.

7. Sending Thank you notes

Once the interview is finished, thank the interviewer for taking out their precious time. Also, sending a personalized Thank you letter within 24 hours of a job interview is greatly important. It shows your courtesy as well as helps to leave one last reminder on your profile in the hiring manager’s mind.

8. Choosing the right recruitment platform

Many advanced job finding solutions provide most of the above-mentioned services and sometimes free of cost too. If you are someone who is on a job hunt searching for better job matches, check this page out. Futuremug is one of the best recruitment solutions for multinational companies which offers an exclusive job portal with a pool of verified jobs, Resume builder, Portfolio builder, Video resumes, etc. It provides various recruitment solutions to companies as well as job seekers in different places across India like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kerala, etc.

The process of getting your dream job may be hard but it’s not an impossible one. If at all you get rejected, learn from your mistakes and keep applying until you get the right one. While you put these aforesaid tips into action and when you need help with that, visit futuremug.co.in. Futuremug assists you right from resume building, giving verified job matches, interview preparation, skill training, career expo, and assessment services. Because everybody deserves an amazing job.

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