Verified Profiles

To get a Candidate’s profile verified is a walk in the park for the employers. It not only saves time and effort but also makes the hiring process more efficient and easier for the recruiters.  Making 100 calls per day interviewing the candidates and getting their data validated is an exhausting and wearying task which can be avoided and hiring time can be reduced by 50%.

Verifying the profiles of the candidates takes a considerable amount of time and effort beginning with the laborious task of sourcing, sorting, validating and calling the candidates, that’s when futuremug comes into picture. futuremug’s one of the premium services include VERIFIED PROFILES for employers which has become a boon for the whole Recruiting Industry. futuremug  has made things much easier and simpler for the Employers without interrupting their existing resource.

futuremug’s Verified Profiles are designed to make an effective hiring at a very low cost.  Employers can easily access the profiles of the candidates anywhere at any time according to their hiring needs. A completely validated and thoroughly analyzed profiles are delivered to the employers which is  most relevant to the position that they are hiring for. Employers can sort out by using the filter to shortlist the candidates and conduct the next level of hiring. Employers can also get done with the assessment of the candidate and Video interview through futuremug’s Verified Profile Service.

futuremug is a modern new tech recruitment platform that is invested in their clients and abreast of industry trends. Its time for employers to refocus, reboot and reimagine their hiring method and get switched to a comprehensive sourcing strategy.

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