Date: June 22-25th

Venue: Mar Baselios College of Engineering and Technology

The industry landscape is fast changing. With start-ups sprouting in every vertical and taking the established bulls by its horns… the name of the game is CHANGE!!! No longer can a stalwart hovering around the industrial arena like a colossus feel secure and entrenched.

This sea change that the industry witnesses has a bearing on the employability of the new generation. More so with the freshers.

Fututremug joins hands with IEEE to provide 100 hours engagement between industry and the academia.

The event will witness the doyens of the industry gracing the venue and sharing their experience. An opportunity for the student community to leverage the conventional wisdom garnered over the years is being arranged. Ambitious students can equip themselves spent 100 hours of high intensity learning and equip themselves to handle the challenges. Guest speakers reflect on broad areas like

  • Recent trends in technology
  • A systematic approach to be innovative
  • How to be effective during interview and GD
  • Tips to thrive in Start-up ecosystem

Don’t miss the opportunity! Let us Meet!

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