Let the Mentor boost up your output

Take a moment to reflect your educational or career journey; there will be some people who have influenced you in any way. If you have someone who has helped you, then you know the first-hand value of mentoring.

A mentor is a friend or a confident who can guide you and provides support in
anyway. Most successful men owe their success to mentors. The  National
Mentoring Partnership (MENTOR) , studies prove the positive impact mentoring
has on students. This includes greater self-esteem and social-emotional
development benefits which are critical for making the most of academic and
career goals.
How mentoring can help

  1. Improve social skills: Encourage students to be better leaders
    by enabling them to relate to different kinds of people. Help
    them to improve their communication skills so they can handle
    any situation.
  2. Bolster self-esteem: A mentor is someone who is always in a
    student’s side. Being a champion and believing in a young
    person and recognize and celebrate his or her successes.
  3. Provide career exploration: Many mentors also act as career
    counselors, helping students to identify the right career
    opportunities, define career goals and establish action plans to
    reach professional goals.
  4. Support academic activities: Mentor can serve as an
    important academic tutor during the school year.
  5. Be a friend: Mentor can serve as a trusted confidante, whom
    the students find approachable and are able to confide in him or
    Mentoring gives the mentors to have a chance to be a lasting impact on
    the lives of young people. It’s a meaningful way to give back to your

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