Is Hiring Tiring ?

Hiring has always been a tricky and time consuming process, especially recruiting fresh talent. With thousands of graduates coming out of professional colleges with varying academic qualifications, what is the criteria that you apply to make sure that your decisions are accurate? .While agreeing that a fresh talent may be mentored to give positive results once they are on the job, it may turn out to provide unexpected results if the candidate does not have the right aptitude, and attitude to adapt and learn the skills that the company expects him/her to.

Futuremug, as an online video-based recruitment platform, sets our mind on helping employers to hire better during campus recruitments without any bias.

With our latest product, Companies irrespective of industry, can now create an account at Futuremug, design custom posts based on their job requirements and send invitations to the desired list of colleges. On getting the invitations, colleges can get their students onboard the platform with a digital profile of them. The platform arrives with a unique score (which they call a MUG score) based on their academics, self-portraying video, other achievements, analytics and psychological tests. Companies shortlist candidates based on this score, and then sets up meetings with only the shortlisted candidates for final interview, or even go ahead and hire them with a high confidence score.

With more than 1000 students registered online along with tie ups with numerous colleges, Futuremug is expected to revolutionize the hiring arena.

Some of the key features that the we offer;

Reduced time and effort : With futuremug’s automatic scoring and sorting, companies can significantly save the manual effort during the recruitment process.

Reduced cost of hire: Pay only for the unlocked profiles.

Custom Tests : Based on the companies’ requirements, custom Assessment Tests can be integrated as part of the hiring process.

Highly informed decision making with unique MUG Scores: The score shall be the prime deciding factor to narrow down the potential candidates for specific job requirement

Video profile along with testimonials for achievements of candidate: View and listen to the candidates directly. See them expressing themselves through short videos, see them answering your specific queries.

With these features we aim to provide employers the right tool to find their future assets.

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