How to Render a Video Résumé that is effective?

How to render a video transcript that is effective? Remember an effective video transcript ensures a high Future mugscore.

3 aspects that you should focus while making your video transcript are

  1. YOU

Here we go!!!

YOU, the very you

There is only one Mantra to be followed and that is

  • Beam it with confidence.

You should be radiating energy. The person who watches your transcript should be convinced that you are a power house of energy.

  • The attire should suit the role that your video transcript is meant for. Remember this is as good as an interview where the decision is taken. Just that it is an asynchronous interview.
  • Pay attention to your posture. It should radiate confidence.
  • Introduce yourself and tell them about your academic background and career aspirations in carefully chosen words. It should be done with surgical precision.
  • Look straight to the camera and deliver. Never look sideways.
  • Please be legible while you articulate. Bear in mind, “Being fluent has nothing to do with being fast”.
  • Your facial expression and pitch and tone of your voice should align with what you articulate. While you are introducing yourself and reflecting on career aspirations, SMILE.
  • When reflecting on your most important learning in life or on your noble failures, you should be composed. Pause when required.
  • In your video you should leave sufficient hints that leave the interviewer wanting to know more about you. That increases the probability of getting an invitation.


  • Choose a background that supplements the video transcript. A plain background is ideal.
  • Select a noise free environment.
  • Select a bright part of the room. Light should fall to your face.
  • Never compromise on your recording environment. Remember! You should not be the proverbial “right person in the wrong place”.


  • Spend time to prepare the script. Invest yourself in it. See to it that you memorize it, if not internalize it. Practice rendering it. Bear in mind the text is to be rendered verbally and not a piece of literature.
  • Seek the help from professional videographers.
    • Provide subtitles.
    • Highlight those aspects in bullet points which you feel should resonate with the HR.

If you need guidance on preparing video scripts do reach out to our mentors at    

All set? There you go!

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