How to get candidates for your company in 2022

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Many things have changed since the pandemic. While some sectors saw their highest annual profits, others faced extreme challenges. As we slowly return to our old lives in 2022, a few mindset changes will stay, especially with our prolonged work-at-home culture.

Here are a few strategies on how to get candidates for your company in 2022

  • Be vocal about your work culture.

The pandemic has pushed the amount of time we spend online. According to a study by, there has been a 50% increase in social media usage since 2020. Due to this social media will play a crucial role in your hiring process.

To attract the best remote talent in 2022, you need to be vocal about your work culture on social media. Having a great place to work will get you, great people, to work. It is as simple as that.

Publish employee reviews online, encourage existing employees to be vocal on their social media about your work culture, celebrate employee achievements on social media. Taking these steps will not only make your brand a great place to work but also increase its brand awareness.

  • Have a smooth on boarding process

Make the on boarding process as frictionless as possible because how you treat a person during that first step usually reflects how the company will treat them during their tenure.

If you have been active on LinkedIn, you probably have seen new joiners posting a new job post. These posts usually have a high organic reach and drive massive brand awareness for your company. Having a smooth on boarding process can attract candidates to work for you.

Build an engaging and intuitive career page, portraying your work culture and anything that gives the candidates reasons to work for you. Make the application process mobile-friendly, and do not ask applicants to upload their resume and then type it out again. We want to stress mobile friendliness. Many companies are hiring as they recover from the pandemic. Having a mobile-friendly application page can help you decrease your bounce rate and increase the application completion rate.

  • Push your job search to the international market

The work-from-home scenario has made it possible to hire talents from all around the world. Use recruitment platforms to push your talent hunt to the international market. Futuremugs recruitment as a service can help you do just that.

Having an international workforce will help you attract talent based on the exposure they will receive by joining an international team.
Give a brief overview of your current project and recent accomplishments.
Featuring your client portfolio and recent achievements is a great way to attract highly talented people to your company. By doing so, the candidates have a better idea of the kind of projects they would be able to participate in if they joined the team.

  • Use Hiring platforms

Hiring platforms are a great way to hire talent for your company. Using hiring platforms, you can find professionals with the right skills and experience. Futuremug’s hiring platform enables you to source your next candidate from 1,000+ verified profiles.

  • Put money into recruitment tools.

Consider investing in recruitment tools to help simplify your recruiting process and save time and money. Using these tools, whether a video interview platform or an applicant tracking system, enables you to simplify and automate repetitive tasks so that your team can focus on other aspects of the recruiting process. As many companies are adopting hybrid or remote work environments, it is essential to ensure you have the right tools to conduct your virtual interviews.

  • Recruitment as a service platform

Hiring can get tricky, and more often than not, you might have an urgent requirement, but you might not have an in-house HR team for sourcing and validating candidates. This is where you can leverage the power of recruitment as a service platforms. Recruitment as a service platforms provide services such as sourcing, filtering, and accessing candidates and offer a complete recruitment solution. Futuremug’s recruitment as a service platform has helped companies to hire candidates by providing them with a complete end-to-end hiring solution.

  • Leverage niche talent communities

A job posting on LinkedIn, your career page, and a few job boards can help you get a wide network of potential candidates, but for skill-specific hires, you would have to dig a little deeper. Branching your sourcing activities to communities can help bring candidates with specific expertise to work for you.

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