How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” Interview Question for Tech Talent

If you are looking for a technical job, then you know how important it is to have a great resume and cover letter. But one of the most common yet trickiest questions to answer in an interview is about yourself. The “Tell me about yourself” interview question is one of the standard queries as it gives a hiring manager an idea of who you are and what challenges you’ll bring to the table. While there’s no perfect answer to this question, in this article, you will learn how you can answer it by integrating your skills, strengths, and technical background into the conversation.

The truth is many candidates don’t take this question seriously as they feel it’s a common cliché ice-breaking question thrown at them to break the tension at the beginning of the interview. But the interviewer on the other hand evaluates the confidence level, personality, and verbal communication of the candidate. They hope the candidate will shed light on their goals, priorities, and expertise and check how well they can portray themselves.

Where to begin?

Rather than randomly talking about yourself, do it systematically. A well-structured answer will always make a good impression in the minds of the hiring managers. You can start with your current job role; its scope and can mention recent achievements if any.

After that you can move to the past; tell the interviewer how you got there and also mention you’re relevant previous work experience. 

Many people end with this. But letting the interviewer know how you envision your future is also very important. Talk a bit about your goals and what steps would you take to accomplish them.

5 tips to ace the “Tell me about yourself” Question in a Technical interview

Prepare what to say

Well prepare your answer in advance in a systematic and structured way as it’s an obvious and integral question in an interview, you’ll get hugely benefited by preparing the same.

Customize your answer to the job role 

Since you are appearing for a technical interview, brief the interviewer about your technical skills & expertise including previous work experience in a particular skill. If you are a fresher you can talk about any projects you did specialized in any particular skill. Always craft your answers in alignment with the requirements of the company.

Academics Matter

Even though you have mentioned your educational qualifications in the resume, in a technical interview your skill-based knowledge matters a lot. If you have the right skill qualification the company is looking for, Voila! That’s a cherry on the top.

Be ready for the follow-up Questions

Always expect follow-up questions from the hiring professionals regarding the skill or tool you told in the introduction part. Such questions are asked basically to test your honesty and integrity. Some interviewers might ask you about some specific skills. Even if you have no experience in that area, turn the tide by talking about a similar experience.

Seal the deal with confidence

Last but not least, feel confident about what you say and be concise. In the end, give the interviewer a glimpse of how you stand out from the rest of the candidates, and why you are interested in this profile and working with that organization. Also, focus on how you will provide value to the company by reinforcing your skills, expertise, and urge.

Answering the “tell me about yourself” question in a technical interview can be tricky. But luckily, there are many interview outsourcing companies in Kerala, which can make it easy for you. On the one hand, you want to give a brief overview of your skills and experience, but on the other hand, you don’t want to bore the interviewer with too much detail. The key is to find a balance between the two. In this article, we’ve given some tips on how to do just that. If you need help with your interview preparation, you can always count on Futuremug, an advanced recruitment agency for enterprises. It is one of the top-rated recruitment platforms in Kerala which offers a hiring platform as a service. By following these tips in the article, you’ll be able to give a great answer to this common interview question and boost your chances of getting the job.

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