How Modern Hiring Platforms Help Getting The Best Candidates

How Modern Hiring Platforms Help Getting The Best Candidates

Hiring the right candidate is not an easy task. With over 10 million people looking for jobs or looking to hire in the US alone, it takes a lot of efforts to find the perfect match. But on the brighter side, when you look at history, humans have always come out stronger after a global disaster. The covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth and development of modern technologies that can help you recruit your ideal employees. Here is a deep dive into some modern recruitment platforms and their features.

The AI era of recruitment platforms

It is well known that AI has become a crucial asset to many industries, from financial services to healthcare. The next step in its evolution is to help revolutionize the way companies hire their employees.

According to a survey, six out of ten recruiting platforms said that they use artificial intelligence, i.e., machine learning, to manage their user’s applications and resumes. These platforms are making it easier for employers to automate the process. Employers now have access to more candidates than ever and can utilize data-backed prediction models to find the best one.

AI recruitment platforms evaluate candidates based on data points. An AI algorithm will then be used to cross-check the job requirements and eliminate or accept candidates based on these data points.

A modern recruitment platform provides the following services:

Assessment as a service

Imagine you are a recruitment manager at a firm where you receive 1000+ applications daily. Through modern recruitment platforms like futuremug, you can assess candidates based on your job requirements with 200+ psychometric and coding tests.

Assessments are a great way to sort out candidates, especially when there are a lot of applications.

At futuremug, you can create assessment tests tailored to your job requirements and use one-way interviewing features to make bulk-hiring a breeze.

After you have sorted out your initial talent pool, the next is interviewing the candidates. Let us check out how that can also be outsourced or automated using modern recruitment platforms.

Interview as a service

An interview is an undeniable part of the hiring process. It is the most important thing to decide when you hire a candidate into your team. No matter how well your resume looks, it’s not enough.

In fact, interviews are a good opportunity to make sure that a candidate is a fit for the job. It is always a better option to make sure about the candidate’s skills and ability rather than to spend a lot on training someone who does not fit.

In the modern hiring market, companies have started to use automated interview services for their hiring process.

At futuremug, we have a multi-talented, experienced, and well-versed Interviewing Panel for properly evaluating your candidates. We also offer a manual interview assessment service.

One of the biggest challenges organizations have in finding their next employee is time. With futuremug’s one-way interviews, you can save up to 90% of the time needed to interview a candidate making it possible to hire candidates in as little as 3 minutes with all the information needed to make an informed decision instantly.

Having received your ideal candidate through the interview process, you can move forward with onboarding them into your company, but what if you have an immediate job opening that requires specific job skills and experience?

In this case, modern recruitment platforms can help with another service

Verified job profiles

There is currently a huge gap between the employers and employee when it comes to screening and finding the best talent. This becomes even more difficult when you’re dealing with a candidate you don’t know personally. The modern hiring platforms are helping bridge the gap by connecting job hunters, employers, recruiters, and staffing agencies.

Futuremug’s verified employee profile service is a platform that provides valid and reliable information about employees from different backgrounds and industries. In this regard, employers can get access to candidates quickly who will be a good fit for their organization.


By using a combination of resume scanning and applicant tracking software with a database containing hundreds of thousands of job applicants, modern hiring platforms provide recruiters with the means to effectively find talent from bigger and harder to reach places. This kind of software, in tandem with the new personnel social media connections, has made reaching potential job candidates easier than ever. As technology continues to advance, so does the way we hire. It’s never been easier for hiring managers to find the best employee for the job.

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