How Innovature depended on technology to overcome the pandemic challenge for campus recruitment

A success story of how technology triumphed tragedy!

The end to end hiring process, which usually took months to complete was wrapped up in under 2 weeks.

Reducing the time taken for the process directly impacts the cost.

Futuremug is a NextGen talent platform that helps to make the best candidate-job fit by using scientific predictions and cutting edge technology.

By completing a set of assessments, candidates can get a Mug Score that becomes the underlying basis for selection.

A Mug Video helps the recruiters to see beyond the conventional resume and get a glimpse into the personality of the candidate.

Employers get the best candidate for the job.

Candidates receive a fair opportunity to showcase themselves and secure their dream job, free of any conscious or unconscious bias.


One of the worst-hit areas during the pandemic is hiring and job placements. Especially for fresh graduates. All of them have invested valuable time, money and efforts into their education and are expecting to be campus hired and placed by their final year. But the pandemic has upset all these carefully laid plans. Instead of feeling secure and happy about their future, they are feeling confused, anxious and depressed.

Sharad Sindhwani, Business Head of says, “The pandemic has hit placement prospects of the 2020 batch across 82 per cent colleges. It has further impacted internship offers of 74 per cent pre-final year students. However, students are not losing their morale and going virtual for their learning as well as job interviews. In fact, most companies are also using new-age technology solutions to hire remotely.” 

Most companies were quick to realise that conventional hiring practises are not going to work during the new normal. They wanted something new and innovative. Something that will give them results and not just raise their costs. Something that will resolve the new operational challenges but will help retain the sanctity of the hiring process. 


One such company to opt for technology to help them tide this crisis was Innovature, a Kochi based software firm. They used to do campus recruitment drives every year for the past 10 years. Their hiring pool consisted of students from colleges across the state. The recruitment process took them months to complete and utilized the bulk of their manpower for all the operational activities.

This year, the pandemic made it impossible to conduct the recruitment drive in the traditional way. This put them in a crisis situation.


These services included – 

That is when Futuremug stepped in. Futuremug offered their platform to automate the whole Campus Recruitment process. Further, they also offered their manpower to conduct the various activities associated with the drive.

  • Preparing multiple set of questions that was based on the syllabus and criteria shared by Innovature.
  • 5 days prior to the event, Futuremug started co-ordinating with the College placement officers. They decided test slots and communicated the same to the students.
  • A detailed mail was also sent to the students giving the step by step instructions on how to create their portfolio, attend the test, their test slot and test link. The tests were proctoring enabled. This means that during the whole test time, they will be monitored to detect if they go out of focus. The test will get locked if they go out of the tab more than 4 times.
  • Student scorecards were shared with Innovature with a separate list of those who cleared the test. 
  • The Futuremug portfolio of all students who passed the test was also shared with Innovature to help them in their selection process.


1The end to end hiring process, which usually took months to complete was wrapped up in under 2 weeks. Futuremug had just 5 days to prepare for the campus drive and took just 7 days to publish the results.

From the perspective of the client,


Reducing the time taken for the process directly impacted the cost. Even with the support of Futuremug in the operations, the cost and time were a big save!


Futurmug reduced the amount of time we spent on each campus and allowed us to compare applicant responses from various campuses across Kerala.  The technology questions are spot on and allow us a lot of flexibility to customize and add our own questions.  It is our go-to tool for tech hiring. It helps us in doing the first round of screening and makes the Hiring process easier.   Their customer service was awesome and they were flexible to customize the application based on our requirement. Futurmug is a smart solution for campus recruitment.   

  • Innovature


Even during a period of crisis, students received the same opportunity that they would’ve had otherwise.

Having a technology partner for recruitment is like having a presence in every university across the country, even the globe. Recruiters can see a much larger number of candidates and draw top talent from large amounts of universities.

This possibility is priceless in preparing for an uncertain future – for both candidates and recruiters.

Infact, it is the future!

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