Futuremug : Transforming recruitment through intelligent use of Data and World-class Technology

Unable to hire the right talent at the right time is the biggest threat even to industry leaders.

All over the world there exist 200 million companies and Harvard Business Review states that businesses have never done hiring as they today. For every open job, the HR staff has to chase down through 50 to 2000 job applications using the traditional resources before extending their job offers.

Futuremug took life in 2019 to automate the process of hiring, with a collaborative partnership between Futuremug Innovations Inc, Washington State, USA and Revelado Innovations Private LTD, Kerala, India. This online tool is bringing revolutionary drift in the hiring process through intelligent use of Data and utilizing world-class technology to solve most of the recruitment challenges experienced by employers in any industry.

A 360 degree view of the candidate’s professional capabilities are captured and used for automated shortlisting and fairer and faster selection with 90% less effort and cost. Our resources include

1. Deep candidate portfolio,
2. Pre-recorded one-way-interview,
3. Globally accepted pre-screening assessments in mostly all technology and domains,
4. Psychometric test,
5. Fraud detected assessments with proctoring and website surveillance,
digital job-fairs,
6. Inbuilt sorting and filtering criteria and algorithm-based scoring for each candidate.

The employer can choose the interview questions and the industry based assessments to go along with each job post. While setting up the assessment rules, the employer decides the complexity and the volume of the questions and the assessment engine randomly picks from the library of questions which has 1000+ pre-built tests to choose from. The randomization of questions avoids two candidates to be given the same set of questions. These assessment packages are globally used by 1000+ happy customers for recruitment.

The tool also allows the employer to customize the interview questions and assessments at an additional cost. The Futuremug machine generates an algorithm driven mugscore for each applicant through a holistic approach of considering all the information including their assessments, one-way-interview, digital portfolio.

The pre-recorded one-way-video-interview completely eliminates the interview scheduling bottlenecks in the conventional recruiting process. With the backing of the detailed personality report, the one-way-video-interview is becoming a strong instrument to decide if a candidate is the best fit for the position and company’s culture.

Digital-job-fair is another powerful resource in Futuremug available for partner employers. This can be used for experienced as well as entry-level recruitment. Campus recruitment being an expensive engagement cost anywhere between Rs 2 lakhs (USD2800/- ) to Rs 6 lakhs (USD 8500/-). With the use of Futuremug these expenses drastically reduce to 10% though the reach and return can grow upto 200%. This has become an eye-opener for the hiring industry. The digital-job-fair resource is at the advantage of the employers and recruiters as they are not paying anything for the candidates who doesn’t meet the selection criteria, ie until the first level of shortlisting the employers can use the platform for FREE !!!

Futuremug has also enabled its white-labeled-product which can be easily integrated and used as the partner’s own branded product. The white-labeled product has pre-built and customizable features to meet the user’s specific recruitment needs.

Futuremug is welcomed as a solution provider by the College Management and Administration for providing the much needed student management platform. TKM College of Engineering, Karicode, Kollam agrees that Futuremug has provided them the ideal solution for the much awaited student management tool. TKM has already started onboarding all the students from all semesters and all Departments.

ICT Academy of Kerala is one of our prestigious partners in the training industry and engaged in handpicking the most eligible candidates to train them in the most sophisticated global technology. Futuremug is used by ICT Academy to create the candidate’s 360 degree professional portfolio and share it to their employers.

For the First 50 partnering employers this year, Futuremug is offering a promotion of 1 month free trial.

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