Best and Latest Interview Tips for Students

When you think of job interviews, you might recall a particularly traumatic episode of The Apprentice. However, they aren’t all that bad (we promise).

Remember that your interviewers want you to succeed because they want to find their ideal candidate, so it makes no sense for them to try to trip you up. All you need is a little planning and preparation to walk into your interview with confidence, and the rest will fall into place. Although your CV is important in painting a picture of you and your experience, an interview is your opportunity to sell yourself and impress your potential future employer. With our complete candidate assessment solutions in Kerala, we are giving some top tips for student interviews to help you land your dream job.

Best Tips for an Interview 

Make a List of Your Best Qualities

Make a list of the top five qualities, skills, and areas of knowledge or experience that will best prepare you for the position. Consider how you have demonstrated each asset in previous jobs, volunteer positions, academic projects, or academic tasks. Campus recruitment services in Kerala like our futuremug can guide you to present your best qualities to your potential employer. 

Practice Your Interview Responses

Even if you have the best qualities and the most experience for the job that you have applied for, you are still scared about how you are going to attend the interview. Mock interviews are the best way to help you and if you are looking for the best company, Future mug is the right choice. As the best hiring solution platform in Kerala, we help you from start to finish to land your dream job. Also, go over common interview questions and answers so you’re prepared to answer questions about your background and skills.

 Explore the Position, Interviewer, Organisation, and Industry

Prepare for the interview by researching the job so you can explain why you are qualified for it. Similarly, you should look into the interviewer’s background to see what kind of experience they have within the company. Finally, it is important to research the organization and the industry. This is significant because you must be able to answer any questions about the two.

Attend Your Interview on Time

It is essential to arrive on time for a job interview. Come early, not just on time. It will demonstrate to your future boss that you are punctual and organized.

Bring a Copy of Your Résumé and Cover Letter with You

Bring a copy of your resumé and cover letter to appear prepared and professional. Because not all employers will have your resumé printed out, this allows them to read it again. You can also use these documents to refer to previous work experiences.

Maintain a Professional, Courteous, and Alert Attitude.

Make an effort, no matter how tired you are, to greet your interviewer kindly and to be active and engaged during the interview process. Even if you’re feeling down, be outgoing and upbeat. Make eye contact and sit up straight. 

Aim to Ask Questions

Being prepared to ask questions that demonstrate an interest in what is going on in the company is part of knowing how to interview. In addition, asking questions allows you to determine whether this is the right place for you. The best questions come from listening to what is asked of you during the interview and then asking for more information.

Dress Appropriately

Plan ahead of time if you have a 10 a.m. interview. Make sure you look professional and put together for your interview, even if it means wearing your interview clothes to class. If you have to go straight from class to your interview with your backpack, a nice outfit will compensate.

Understand Your Availability

Employers understand that college students have hectic schedules, so it’s important to know your availability, such as how many hours per week you can work, if you can work weekends, and if you’ll be available during summer semesters or breaks. If possible, bring a copy of your class schedule or a write-up when you’re available so you don’t have to rely on memory during your interview.

Thank Interviewers in a Follow-up Email

Although you should thank your interviewer in person for taking the time to interview you, sending a thank-you email is also a good idea. In addition to being courteous, following up reiterates your interest in the position. If the job is still appealing, express your enthusiasm for it and briefly summarise how it is a good fit.


Even if you didn’t get the job this time, keep in mind that every interview is a learning experience, and you’ll only get better at it the more you do it. And, to help you succeed in your interview, future mug one of the best Automated Hiring Platforms in Kerala is always here to assist you with our best mock interview practices. We created our futuremug to provide you with all of the necessary tech interview practice. Our mock interviews are conducted by handpicked industry experts, so you can be confident that you will increase your chances of being hired! Visit our website for more details.  

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