7 Tips to Improve Your Response Rates from Candidates

Have a hard time finding qualified candidates for your open positions? Then you sure should know that there are strategies to improve and accelerate the hiring process. One way to decrease the time to hire is to increase response rates from candidates. If you want to increase the response rate from candidates, you should make it as easy as possible for them to apply. The more difficult the application process is, the less likely they are going to be willing to go through with it.

Candidate Response Rate?

Candidate response rate is the percentage of response you receive to your entire outreach efforts. It indicates the efficacy of your outreach strategies and helps to bring quality employees with desired skills to the table.

7 Surefire tips to maximize candidate’s response and fill out the job positions efficiently

  1. Personalize your Outreach

Recruiters can use personalized outreach to create a more meaningful experience for candidates and also get more responses from them. The most common way of personalized outreach is custom emails. Recruiters can use email as a tool to reach out to candidates, learn about their interests, ask questions, and share information about themselves or the company they work for. This helps in building trust between recruiter and candidate which might lead to a better response rate from candidates in future hiring efforts.

  1. Always go for A/B Testing

Recruiting nowadays is closely related to marketing. The job of recruiters is a lot like marketers. A/B testing is a scientific method used by businesses to find out which marketing strategy or design works best. This is done by creating two versions of the same thing and showing one version to 50% of the audience and showing the other version to the other 50%. With A/B testing, you can test the content of the job description or the outreach mail and recruitment channels to determine what works better with your target candidates.

  1. Timing Matters

Another way to improve the candidate’s response is by reaching out to them at the right time. Studies show that the response rate increases to those calls or emails which have been sent at a time while the competition is less. Studies show that emails sent early in the morning and at late-night shows have a far greater percentage chance of being opened by the intended candidates. Likewise, emails sent on weekends are most likely to be opened up by the candidates than those sent during the weekdays.

  1. Communication is the Key

The way you communicate with the candidates also plays a vital role in getting a better response from them. Try to use inclusive language and avoid communication errors and confusion as much as possible. Your communication should be concise, specific and bias-free. Be it the outreach emails, job descriptions, hiring posts or social media platforms try to make it more welcoming to your talents.

  1. Medium Matters

Recruiters rely on digital tools as a medium of communication to find the right talent for their company. Most companies use social media platforms like LinkedIn and other job boards for outreach. But studies show that direct communication with the candidates preferably via phone calls shows a considerably higher response rate than the former. Even though calling each and every candidate seems to be tedious, recruiters should be wise enough to come up with innovative thoughts for better results.

  1. Automation is Indispensable

It’s high time companies should invest in automated hiring platforms to screen the right talents from the pool of candidates. Since these hiring platforms are data-driven and AI-based companies will benefit in many ways. Automate Walk-in-interview service is a great boon for medium and large-scale organizations. Futuremug is one of the best hiring solution platforms in Kerala, India which empowers your organization with AI-driven tools and manpower to source, assess, interview, and automate recruiting workflow. 

  1. Pre Interview Assessments

When hiring managers put up a job post, they want the best talents who are able to succeed in the job responsibilities they are assigned to. Pre-interview assessments help an organization’s hiring process be more effective and efficient. It also helps to reduce the screening time required to shortlist candidates from a pool of applicants. With these pre-interview assessments company, ’s can standardize the hiring process along with reducing hiring bias. When you pay attention to all the above-mentioned tips, you can witness a great impact on the candidate’s response rate. Finding the right talent for your company and the job requirements takes a lot of time. But not with Futuremug around. Futuremug comes up with an entire hiring ecosystem which manages the end-to-end recruitment process of a company by automating the hiring workflow. They also provide complete candidate assessment solutions and campus recruitment services.

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