10 Best Responses to “Why Should We Hire You?”


Personal interviews allow hiring managers to gain a better understanding of your personality, capabilities, knowledge, skills, and, most importantly, the type of person you are. A common hiring manager interview question is “why should we hire you?” Unfortunately, people are frequently unable to respond appropriately. As an Advanced Recruitment agency for enterprises, we are here to help candidates learn how to answer questions like “why should we hire you” from our experts in Interview outsourcing company Kerala and help you differentiate yourself from the competition. Let’s get started. 

Example 1: “Why Should We Hire You” 

This response employs a specific percentage to demonstrate the candidate’s ability to effectively perform job responsibilities.

“Thank you for asking such an important question in the process. Based on what you’ve said today and my research, your company is looking for a skilled communicator and experienced marketer to help you grow your business and stand out from the competition. My previous company’s activity increased by 24% after I implemented targeted social media advertising. I will bring that entrepreneurial and innovative spirit to your company, and your success will be my top priority.”

Example 2: “Why Should We Hire You”

“I have gained relevant skills and experience over the years, which I will bring to your organization.” 

I’ve also worked hard to improve my communication and teamwork skills, which I’ll put to use in my future career, which would be in your organization if I’m hired.

I have given my all in previous jobs, and this has allowed me to recognize my strengths and weaknesses. If I channel them further, they will yield fruitful results for both me and your esteemed organization.”

Example 3: “Why Should We Hire You”

For highlighting your experience in a particular skill.

“I believe that my background in technology, particularly in web design, qualifies me for this position. In my previous position, I was in charge of maintaining and updating our company’s website. This necessitated constantly updating employee profiles and posting information about upcoming events. What attracted me to your company was that I was having a lot of fun doing what I was doing. I’d love to apply the coding and content knowledge I gained there to this position.”

Example 4: “Why Should We Hire You”

“Given my excellent academic credentials as well as the skills and experience required by the company, I believe I should be hired by you.

I have the skills and attitude to succeed. If given the opportunity, I will undoubtedly work to expand my knowledge, which will benefit both me and your organization.”

Example 5: “Why Should We Hire You”

Earlier you mentioned that leadership skills are a plus for this position. I have successfully managed teams of over 15 people in my ten years as a sales manager. As a result of my motivational skills, my region has been awarded the “Region of the Year” five years in a row for consistently meeting and exceeding sales goals. I will bring those leadership skills to this position as well.”

Example 6: “Why Should We Hire You”

“As a recent college graduate, I am well aware of my lack of work experience. However, the traditional experience cannot measure the qualifications that I bring. I learned how to multitask and prioritize responsibilities after holding offices in four different organizations and juggling a full course load with a job at the university’s admissions office. The ability to prioritize effectively is a critical component of success in your fast-paced organization.”

Example 7:  “Why Should We Hire You”

The candidate’s enthusiasm for the industry can be seen in this response from the Recruitment platform in Kerala

While I am unaware of the other candidates’ experience, I can speak to the qualifications that make me the best fit for this position. I successfully managed a team of 12 in our marketing department after working in this position with another organization for over eight years, where I was responsible for approving and managing budgets as well as developing creative campaigns. In fact, one campaign I oversaw increased awareness among our target demographic. Now I’m ready to take flight at a company your size.

Example 8:  “Why Should We Hire You”

Generic Response for Higher Ranking Position 

“ First of all, I possess all the skills and experience listed in your job description, and I am confident that I can make an immediate contribution to your company. And I am confident in my ability to make an immediate impact on your company. Not only does my experience leading successful projects for Fortune 500 companies motivate me to succeed, but so does my enthusiasm for the industry. If I am chosen for this position, I will continue to provide high-quality work to ensure your organization’s success.”

Example 9: “Why Should We Hire You”

The answer for transferring managerial and strategic marketing skills to a new company.

“I appreciate your question. With over 15 years of management experience, I will bring my innovative, persuasive, and vital promoting abilities to the client side of your organization. While I have no direct experience working in a professional workplace, I have delivered results far exceeding my client’s expectations in the office where I’ve been a vital partner for nearly two decades.”

Example 10:  “Why Should We Hire You”

The perspective of an HR professional

“Being an HR professional for the past three years has given me experience in training delivery, learning module organization, concept presentation, and instructional activities.”

Also, I have been able to maintain close contact with professionals from other departments, allowing me to gain a bird’s-eye view of the organization.


Interviews are an opportunity for you to demonstrate your strengths. They provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate your abilities and expertise. Use futuremug one of the best hiring Platforms as a service in Kerala for mock interviews to ensure you have the best answers to questions that come your way.

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